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Do I need to spray rhubarb leaves with holes in them? No, I would just clear away any tired stalks, rotting leaves and weeds where pests could be lurking. It might pay to put down some slug pellets though; despite being poisonous to people, rhubarb leaves appeal to slugs, snails and also earwigs. Good drainage, generous feeding and adequate water are the secret of good rhubarb, attend to these and the leaves will soon be looking good. Pick stalks before they get too long and limp, gently twisting and pulling them from the base. Does honey work as a rooting hormone? Sometimes, probably because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It’s cheap enough to give it a go: just dissolve a tablespoon of honey (preferably raw honey) in 1 cup of boiling water, let the liquid cool then store in a lidded jar _ it should be good for up to a couple of weeks. To use, prepare your cuttings in the usual way then simply dip in the solution before planting. And be aware that many cuttings will root themselves without additional treatments. If you have a gardening question, email Glenys at glenyswoollard@icloud.com