Waipawa can play bit part in Aladdin panto

Helen Griffin






It’s panto season again. “Oh no it isn’t”, I hear you cry. You would be forgiven for thinking it isn’t panto season as, traditionally, pantomimes are performed during the festive holiday season. However, we at Waipawa M&D like to mix things up a little and due to the “virus that shall not be named” the 2021 Christmas pantomime had to be put on hold so we could all enjoy the wonderful West End to Waipawa — A Musical Revue. Fear not, intrepid theatre-goers, as the new pantomime dates have been confirmed for April. April 1 (ironically April Fool’s day) is the new opening night of Aladdin, written once again specially for Waipawa M&D by the wonderful Sir Roger Hall. Director Madeleine Howard is again taking the reins — you may remember her as director of the 2020 panto Cinderella — and with the amazing M&D team behind her, Aladdin is set to be the big, bright, funny, clap and singalong event you have come to know and love from Waipawa Musical & Dramatic Club. For Aladdin there is going to be one more special element which the club would love the whole community to get behind and help with. That element is the Magic Carpet. The concept is for it to be made from multiple squares and pieced together to form one complete carpet. This is where you come in. We want as many squares as possible so that the Magic Carpet can come to fruition and ultimately to life. Any type of square will be included; embroidery, stitching, patchwork, knit, crochet, fabric painting, anything and everything will be woven into the fabric of the carpet . . . and the show. The requirements are: 15x15cm (6 inches x 6 inches) in size Any material can be used — as long as it can go through a sewing machine Any design — keeping in the colour scheme of blue, purple, gold and orange Send in as many squares as you want Have fun with it! The squares can be sent to or dropped off at the Municipal Theatre in Waipawa where the Genie will work some magic and the carpet will come to life. Deadline for square drop off is March 1. As a club, Waipawa M&D love nothing more than bringing the community together in our mutual love for the beautiful CHB Municipal Theatre and the shows that are performed there. Having everyone make something which can be used and seen during a show is a wonderful symbol of togetherness — something that is sorely needed during these trying times. So have fun creating those squares and watch for further updates regarding this amazing show.